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One of the world's largest manufacturer's of literature and magazine displays.. since 1964.

Brochure displays logo.At Brochure Displays USA, from American Office Solutions, Inc., quality matters to us because we take pride in our work.
We have been manufacturing literature displays since 1964. To this day, all displays are built to order. Our Display Department furnishes you with a variety of styles and colors. Should your needs require a color not offered, please call Brochure wall displays from American Office Solutions, Inc.our Operations Manager for quantity requirements and up charge. Our Operations Manager works with our master craftsmen who design the displays for your literature. We've got plenty of stock models to fill your needs, and are also adept at designing custom projects, as you want and need.

Brochure displays will enhance your point of information services.All of your brochure display racks have unique, interchangeable dividers to place between pockets. The divider allows you the freedom to configure the pockets to your needs. By simply positioning the "L-Bracket" to hold the literature, you can configure your display to hold either all brochures, all magazines or a combination of both.

Smart pack IQ show displays travel easy, and travel safely.

Booth In-A-Bag... just too easy!

At the trade show with a Brochure Displays Trade Show Booth In A Bag!
Having a terrific show display is only half the battle.
You want to transport your booth display to and from the show easily and in pristine condition. The SmartPack IQ makes it so easy, and yes, so simple! 

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Do you need a really customized version of what you see above?

We speak CAN DO!

First a smart prototype is designed to fit your needs. After the prototype is approved by you, it then goes to the skilled Programming Department. In this stage the specifications are entered into the computerized router. The next step is to the experienced Production Department, where the display is perfectly cut to the dimensions needed per your design.

The pieces then go to the efficient Assembly Department. After assembly, the product goes to the uncompromising folks at Quality Control. If everything meets their high standards for quality, it goes to the professional Shipping Department and your customized brochure display is on its way to you.

Talk to us today about what we can do for you.. we've done it for the Fortune 500, for government, for libraries, for schools, for stores, and for the military. Most of what we've made is still on the job.. 10, 20 and 30 years later!

The quality of the product is never compromised. You will enjoy a properly engineered and crafted product that will work tirelessly for you for decades to come.

All of Brochure Displays USA's® products are proudly made in the USA.

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American Office Solutions, Inc. handles the full gamut of Valueline Brochure Displays USA's products. We ship them out when you need them, and your brochure display needs are correctly accommodated. Please anticipate your needs and don't get caught short: order more than you think you need!

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UPS symbol.Ships UPS & Common Carrier throughout the US & Canada - Most of the Brochure Displays USA's line from American Office Solutions, Inc., are available very quickly. Shipping time depends on the quantity you order, and how busy the factory is at the time of order. In general, most orders are shipped within a maximum of three weeks. Many orders are shipped much sooner.

Orders that ship via UPS will be charged the standard $22.00 for shipment in the lower 48 states. Orders that must go by Common Carrier will be assessed the actual carrier charge; that amount will always be advised to you before your order- phone or shopping cart- is processed.

Shipments to Canada, as well as to all the territories and possessions of the United States are arranged daily.

Your order will be packed to sustain the rigors of transit, and the product will arrive within a few weeks of ordering.

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Ordering is easy.

Choose a product category along the top band of brochure and trade show display pictures, click it, and you'll be on the page which showcases that page in detail. You can always return to this page by clicking the 'HOME' button.

customer service woman on the phone.Friendly reps are standing by to answer questions, and will be happy to take your order on the phone if that's better for you. is among the world's largest distributors of Valueline brochure and literature display units, and related products. Buy with confidence.

Learn more about Return Policies & Procedures, Reporting of Damages, Representations of Colors and Finishes on this site and Shipping Cost Computations.




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